Aegis logo Whether it is for a hip replacement, heart attack, stroke, or other condition, skilled therapy is often the next step in recovery after leaving a hospital. The goal of our therapy program is to enhance each of our patients’ quality of life by providing the necessary treatment and support to help them reach their maximum potential and independence. We understand that each patient has different limitations and that at times the road to recovery can be difficult. That is why we create an individualized plan of care based on each patient’s unique situation including their injury, the goals they wish to accomplish through therapy, and a pace they are comfortable with. It is important to not get discouraged during rehab, so we motivate our patients in any way we can. We try to make the rehabilitation process as pleasant or as “fun” as possible so we often incorporate games that are relevant to the muscle groups or joints worked in that therapy session. In January of 2013, we teamed up with another company, Accelerated Care Plus, which provides us with state of the art therapy equipment and programs. With the support of ACP’s modalities and training, we have been able to achieve extraordinary outcomes for many patients. Most of our therapists are from the area served by our facilities and have grown up knowing many of the patients they are assisting. We feel that being able to connect with each patient on a personal level is essential to the success of rehabilitation and we take pride in being able to serve our own community.

The Omnicycle Elite Motorized Rehabilitation System by ACP

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