Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

At Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, the quality and scope of our services have earned us a reputation as one of the area’s leading skilled nursing providers. We continue to add special programs and undergo staff training that enables us to treat a range of complex medical conditions. In addition to 24-hour nursing care, we offer a broad variety of medical services such as IV antibiotics, tracheotomy tubes, diabetic care, dialysis support, stroke care and wound management. In addition to caring for our patients’ healthcare needs, many of our services are designed only for their enjoyment. From our appetizing, nutritious meals planned by our registered dietitian to our full time licensed social worker on staff, it is evident that we do not cut corners in our programs and services. We recognize that many of our residents are here for the remainder of their life so we attempt to make it as pleasant as possible. With daily events ranging from musical performances, animal shows, social events, and games, our activities program is sure to have something that appeals to everyone. One of the most popular spots in our facility is the on-site beauty shop, which provides all the necessary services for our residents to always look their best without leaving the facility. We are very familiar with the healing power of God as we see it every day and recognize the importance of faith in the lives of our residents. We offer Bible study and worship services multiple times a week which often feature performances by local church choirs.    


Physical-TherapyThe focus of our rehabilitation program is improving each patient’s quality of life by providing therapy and support to help the patient reach his or her maximum potential. We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology, or speech therapy. Aegis logo              

A Songbird Sighting at DNRC


Mrs Peggy Fields

A songbird now lives in Dyer, spreading hope and cheer. Peggy Fields is a resident of Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. She loves writing songs and sings them for all to enjoy. Residents and employees alike enjoy hearing her sing to brighten up the day with her songs of Jesus, heaven or her beloved parents. She moved to the facility in September of this year. She was raised on a farm in Kenton. She is now 71 years of age and recalled writing her first song in 1979 just after the death of her mother. Most of her songs are of a religious nature. “I had a dream about my mother and woke up crying. The words just came. Sometimes I pray and songs will come to me in my head,” said Fields. One of her favorites is ‘On a Mockingbird’s Wings.’ The song is about her mother. She said her mother once told her that if she believed in reincarnation, she would come back as mockingbird. Fields said the nursing home is wonderful place. “I tell the aides that if they live to be my age they might be here. So, regardless they should always treat people with respect. That’s what I always do. I go down the halls here talking to people. I helped start the nursing home’s Welcoming Committee.  I recommended it and met with Jerry Park and Darlene Hamby. Now, when a new resident comes in I, along with Lydia, another resident, take a basket to them and tell them all about the place. There are two other residents on the north end that do the same,” said Fields. Fields is widowed. Her late husband, Leroy Fields, passed away from congestive heart failure, diabetes and cancer. She took care of him and never let him go into a nursing home. In the past, she worked in Elgin, Illinois inspecting light switches for light poles. She also worked in Greenfield making tubes for radios. She pumped gas in Dyersburg and also worked at Big K. Fields was born handicapped and has limited use on her left side. “I didn’t let a whole lot stop me,” she said. Fields has three children, two girls and one boy. All are married. Arlina Minton, the youngest, lives in Trenton. She is a youth pastor and has one son and two stepchildren. Avanda James lives in Palmersville and her son Floyd Lee lives out of state. He has one daughter and three sons. Charvarria Tri City ArticleCaregiver and Retirement Pictures